Zendrive is a fast growing insuretech company founded in 2013 by two ex-Google, ex-FB technologists. 

Zendrive is the world's largest and fastest growing mobile driver-analytics platform, analyzing driving behavior across tens of millions of fleet and commuter drivers (75B miles and counting, analyzing every 3 months the equivalent of what Progressive collected over two decades). Recipient of the 2017 "Best San Francisco Startup" award and of the Frost & Sullivan "Best Usage-Based-Insurance Product" award for 2017, Zendrive has been growing faster than any player in the history of insurance and telematics.  Zendrive's AI platform had put this rich dataset into good use and produced together with Milliman a predictive risk model that's upto 6x better than other leading usage based insurance models. The same AI platform is also capable of effectively coaching fleet drivers and reducing likelihood of a crash by 49% sustainably

Outside of the insurance and fleet space, Zendrive data and insights have been used to make cities safer, autonomous-vehicles smarter and school-zones more pedestrian friendly. The Zendrive team is 70-strong and headquartered in San Francisco, with an office in Bangalore. The Customer Success team is 4 strong and scaling quickly as our customer base grows.