Ravti is an online platform to track, manage and purchase HVAC equipment for commercial real estate. At 32% of every building’s maintenance and repair budget, HVAC - Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning - is the most overlooked operating expense.

Ravti’s software makes HVAC easy for the commercial real estate industry. While costly, HVAC expenses are traditionally tracked by carbon copy paper, if at all. Additionally, many tenants in shopping centers are required by lease to maintain their HVAC units, yet there is no easy way to verify or enforce that it is happening.

Ravti software solves these problems and more. We take a full inventory for customers, upload the equipment to our software, provide a marketplace to request work on each unit, and ensure tenants are properly maintaining their units  through a white-labeled compliance program. After collecting and uploading the service history, we analyze the data to provide deeper insights on past and future spending.