eCompliance cloud software is the most widely used solution for improving worker participation in safety. A Stanford University study recently showed that eCompliance customers reduce injury rates 55% on average after using the product.  The company’s goal is to prevent 1 million workplace incidents by 2020.

The company has built an easy to use mobile app and web analytics product sold in the SaaS model. Every day it protects workers in hazardous industries across 470 companies including Delta Airlines, Siemens and your local construction or utility companies. More facts:

  • Downtown Toronto HQ with 65 employees
  • 100% annual revenue growth since product launch in January 2013
  • Privately owned, financed and backed by group of 23 successful CEO’s
  • Silicon Valley based and Stanford University affiliated board of directors
  • Strong leadership team passionate about building the “A Team” and a purpose driven company