Born out of the frustration of switching between multiple external tools to manage the business, Streak enables users to manage any business process without leaving Gmail’s inbox. Our products enable thousands of businesses to reduce the mundane, routine tasks and processes their employees do every day so they can focus on the work that makes the biggest impact. 

We believe our product is phenomenal, and we use it every single day to manage everything from sales, to customer support, to engineering, to hiring. At Streak, you will be more than a developer, customer success or salesperson - you will also be a Streak user who significantly impacts the future of our product

We're trying to make business email much better than it is today. Most business users have inboxes that are filled with emails to do with various processes they work on - sales, hiring, fundraising, deals & support. Streak lets them be successful at those processes because it's built right into where they spend most of their day - the Inbox.