• Sunnyvale, CA, United States

MindTickle is a category defining "sales readiness" platform. For the longest time, organizations have looked at the process of keeping their sales and customer service team ready to create wins for themselves and their customers as a "training and content delivery" process. MindTickle looks at sales and customer readiness as an extension of the sales or service process itself. Simply put, MindTickle provides an all-in-one Saas platform that enables fast growing organizations to implement an efficient, engaging and effective processes across Onboarding, Ongoing refreshers, periodic updates and (re)certification such that the business leaders can ensure that their customer facing teams are always on top of their game.

MindTickle is the only platform that combines the benefits of social, mobile, cloud and gamification. MindTickle enables companies to organize and transform existing documents, presentations, videos and content in all common formats into easy to consume bite sized mobile friendly modules. The intelligent filters and data integration with platforms such as SFDC ensures that the right information is available and accessible to the field reps and inside sales teams, helping them shorter sales cycles and win more deals. The combination of these techniques and technology delivers consistent high user engagement and ROI for the organizations.

MindTickle was awarded #1 in the category of “Best use of engagement techniques in Online Learning" at the Gamification Summit, San Francisco in 2013. It was also awarded "Coolest Startup to work for" by Business Today in 2013, and recognized as the second most promising startup by Financial Express. MindTickle was recognized as a "Cool Vendor" in 2014.