Director of Customer Success 

The Director of Customer Success will be instrumental in delivering our vision to transform the Customer Success team from a delivery-oriented organization to a true customer success organization focused on Enablement, engagement and portfolio expansion.  The Director of CS will be responsible for managing the daily activities of the US-based Customer Success managers. He or she will assist in the transition of delivery duties to core customer success activities.  

The director will assist with the creation and monitoring of team KPIs, training, and performance management of the team.  They’ll provide functional training and ongoing development of the US-based resources.  

As a team the US, and EMEA directors will work along with the VP of Customer Success to provide and reinforce a strategic vision for customer success within Acrolinx.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Define and optimize the life cycle and maturity model for our customers
  • Define and launch Customer Success onboarding and training (for example, 30/60/90 day program)
  • Manage customer escalations from your direct reports, and follow a methodical escalation process to executive management
  • Ensure that CSMs understand our customers' objectives and are delivering on them
  • Determine how to define, drive, and demonstrate quantifiable value (ROI)
  • Quarterly analysis of portfolio balance, product adoption, NPS scores, etc.
  • Maintain and improve upon the existing method used to analyze customer health data + track ROI at scale
  • Determine a process for giving the executive team ongoing access to performance metrics, noting key gaps and successes
  • Quarterly gross retention and net retention targets
  • Implement cross-sell and up-sell programs
  • Understand why customer attrition is occurring and implement a process to remedy
  • Lead, groom, and inspire a Customer Success team of direct reports
  • Build a pipeline of great candidates
  • Set up training and mentoring to grow the team
  • Lead cross-functionally to drive Customer Success

About Acrolinx

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